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About the Coalition

The Carpinteria Creek Watershed Coalition is a partnership of local landowners, community groups, resource agencies, and individuals who've come together to care for Carpinteria Creek.

The Carpinteria Creek Watershed Coalition (CCWC) was born in 2001, when a partnership of local landowners, community groups, resource agencies, and individuals joined together to restore and protect the resources of the creek. Inspired by a shared sense of responsibility to our community, we're working together to create conditions that will allow healthy steelhead stocks to recover in the creek.

For many of us, our family experiences with the creek go back generations----not only to secret places we explored as children, but also to the days when the creek ran thick with steelhead.

We know that farm and ranch families, urban residents, and other neighbors in the area take pride in their deep personal relationship with the land and their intimate knowledge of the landscape. Many would like to help implement methods to improve the creek but seldom have the time or money to do so.

What role can the Coalition play?

Across the country, people are forming local groups to promote community stewardship of their creeks, rivers and watersheds, coming together to take care of the land and water they share. Working at the watershed level means building partnerships, finding common ground among people of diverse interests and perspectives.

The Coalition hopes to offer ideas and attract the technical and financial help that will encourage people along the creek to join in caring for the creek. It's entirely a voluntary, grassroots effort. And it will be the landowners and other people who live in the watershed who will help define the problems and solutions for that effort.

Who are the members of the Coalition?

The Carpinteria Creek Watershed Coalition includes a number of rural and urban landowners and other residents along the Creek. It also includes people representing a diverse group of organizations: 

Cachuma Resource Conservation District
California Conservation Corps
California Department of Fish and Game
California Department of Transportation
California State Parks
Cal Trout
Carpinteria Creek Committee
Carpinteria Valley Association
Cate School
Channel Islands Restoration
City of Carpinteria
Coastal Restoration Consultants

Conception Coast Project
Environmental Defense Center
For the Sake of the Salmon
Los Padres National Forest
Natural Resources Defense Council
NOAA Fisheries
Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau
Santa Barbara County Flood Control District
Santa Barbara County Water Agency
Santa Barbara County Weed Management Area
SB Channel Keeper 
Singing Springs Village Association
Southern California Wetland Recovery Project
Stoecker Ecological
Tri-County Fish Team
UCSB Watershed Science Group
US Army Corps of Engineers
VJS Consulting

The Carpinteria Creek Watershed Coalition is one of those small groups now working to make Carpinteria Valley a better place. You can stay informed as the work of the Coalition progresses by checking back to this website. If you'd like to attend one of our meetings and learn more about what we hope to do, please check the calendar page.

The Carpinteria Creek Watershed Coalition is chaired by Mauricio Gomez, the director of a local non profit called South Coast Habitat Restoration.

Check out past CCWC publications:

The CCWC brochures are available in English and Spanish.

Factsheets about: Water Quality, the Watershed, and Steelhead.

Past CCWC Newsletters: Winter 2005, Spring 2004, Fall 2004.



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