Gobernador Debris Basin

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August - September

Site    Culvert
The Gobernador debris dam, before 2008 re-construction. 
The concrete and rock structure severely limits fish migration to habitat upstream in Los Padres National Forest. 
A culvert at the base of the dam provides the only flow during dry periods.

Before construction, County biologists prepared to rescue aquatic animals and relocate them to safer waters.


Newt    Newt Release 

Several coast newts (Taricha torosa), a California "species of concern," were

captured and released upstream of the construction site.



 Fish Release


Nearly 50 Oncorhynchus mykiss fish were moved upstream to a stream pool outside of the construction zone.

Click below for a short video showing the fish release:

Fish Video

(mp4 file, opens with QuickTime)


Breaking    Excavation 1

 After fish and wildlife are moved out of the construction zone, excavators begin to

break apart the surface of the debris dam and haul away soil and sediment.



Trench 1    Trench 2


Trench 3    Grouting

When the dam has been excavated down to the desired level,

trenches are dug on each side of the stream bed.  Large boulders and concrete are

installed in each trench to provide armoring of the future creek channel.   


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