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The Carpinteria Creek Watershed Coalition (CCWC) is a partnership between local landowners, community groups, resource agencies, and individuals working together to restore and protect the resources of Carpinteria Creek. Inspired by a shared sense of responsibility to our community, we are working together to provide conditions that will promote healthy steelhead populations in the watershed. Working at the watershed level means building partnerships and finding common ground among people of diverse interests and perspectives. The Coalition hopes to offer ideas and attract the technical and financial help that will encourage people along the creek to join in caring for the creek.

What’s New 

The Upper Carpinteria Creek Fish Passage Project is nearly complete

The Upper Carpinteria Creek fish passage restoration project along Carpinteria Creek, removed the last major barrier in the Carpinteria Creek Watershed. The project replaced an undersized bridge with a wider and taller bridge. It will also removed 100 feet of concreted stream channel and banks. The stream channel was regraded and the creek banks were restored with native riparian vegetation. Steelhead trout now have access to high quality upstream habitat.

Upcoming Events


Join us for the CCWC's next evening community event

The CCWC will host a FREE screening of "Wild Reverence, The Plight of the American Wild Steelhead" on Thursday, December 10th, at 7:00pm, at Carpinteria's Veterans Memorial Building, 941 Walnut Avenue in Carpinteria

The documentary film chronicles the severe decline of this amazing fish species wild populations, while providing evidence of effective restorative solutions and glimmer of hope for the future of this species. The film spans the full range of steelhead in the US, from Southern California through Washington. For more information contact us at info@schabitatrestoration.org.


Check out our events Calendar for information on upcoming meetings, presentations, and volunteer events.  The CCWC meets on a quarterly basis on the third Thursday of that month, from 10am to noon at Carpinteria's City Hall. Additionally the CCWC host quarterly Community Evening Presentations about various topics related to the watershed. Various volunteer events happen throughout the year subscribing to our newsletter will allow you to stay informed about upcoming events, presentations and meetings.   



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The people of Carpinteria Valley share a strong sense of environmental stewardship. We've proven our ability to make things happen by our efforts to restore Carpinteria Salt Marsh and to preserve Carpinteria Bluffs. By working together to achieve local solutions, we can also help bring back the steelhead to Carpinteria Creek. It takes an involved and aware community to create a healthy watershed--and Carpinteria Creek deserves the very best of us all. The Carpinteria Creek Watershed Coalition have restoration projects underway that will improve the overall quality of the watershed for native plants, local people and California's wildlife. We invite you to join us.


Creation of this website was funded in part by a grant from the County of Santa Barbara's Coastal Resource Enhancement Fund (CREF) program.  Continued maintenance of the website as well as support for the CCWC is funded through the Department of Fish and Game's, Fisheries Restoration Grant Program. 


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